Is Indian Air Force reliable in terms of fighter planes?

As shared by Surya Pratap Singh who was a part of Indian Air Force and researched into it:

There are reports of crashes, failures, and many more that raise a question “where do we stand?”

Are we doing enough to save the nation?

Yes, The needful is being done already. Accidents are unavoidable but there are changes that are quickly adopted to stop any future incident. Strong security checks, regular practice exercises, and quality training has helped IAF improve a lot since last war India faced.

Indian Air Force has changed in last few years. Here are some of the beasts we can see:

1.  Sukhoi SU-30-MKI

2. Mirage

3. MIG-29

4. MIG-21

5. Jaguar

6. LCA

7. Rafale

Leave the planes, let us talk about the pilots

Indian Air Force pilots have been praised all around the world for their training, and compatibility with the machines. There have been some international cases where they have been publicly praised:

  1. IAF proves it is as good as any
  2. Aung San Suu Kyi praises Indian Air Force pilots – Times of India

And then you know that you are being protected well !

Verdict depends on you people as you decide and let us know your opinion in the comment box below.

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